Charitable gaming has an increasing place in the global gaming industry.  Community organizations offer an extended economic impact beyond the regulated gaming market.  This strength is leveraged through technological integration and community.  Regulations have the greatest affect as the gaming industry dramatically mobilizes.  Organizations need to plan, prepare and promote public policies that are competitive and inclusive of charitable gaming.  This is significant to local, altruistic efforts, creating a ripple of social and community development.  The immediate and extended impact of charitable gaming  over the next decade is measurable. 

Legacy charitable games face technological challenges, and as such, the dynamics between players, providers and policy makers needs to change for a better gaming marketplace now, and to reach new heights into the future.

Tonk Group is a leading charitable gaming authority with decades of experience at the highest levels of the industry.  We bring the knowledge-base for effective strategic gaming, along with planning and perspective to define, refine and achieve a strategic vision for your organization. 

Localized Esports

For generations, youth and adults have played games on leagues sponsored by local businesses and nonprofits.  Bringing communities together through Esports provides next-level family entertainment and civic engagement.

Sports Book & Eco Development

Charitable gaming is stifled by casino competitors, regulatory limitations and a lack of innovation.  As the North American sports betting market opens, Tonk presents an innovative sports book economic development strategy inclusive of charitable industries with a competitive revenue offering to operators.