The Benefits Corporation of the Gaming Industry

Gaming Benefits Corporation is formed to elevate standards for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within the gaming and gambling industries through Charitable Gaming.

In anticipation of regulatory changes designed to modernize the raffle segment of the US charitable gaming market, the Gaming Benefits Corporation formed May 1, 2020 in the state of New Hampshire as a benefits corporation — a purpose-driven company whose mission is to bring nonprofit organization’s fundraising activities and gaming CSR into the 21st century.




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We are creating a subindustry to the gambling industry through Blockchain Reg Tech & Charitable Gaming


Our mission is making the future of gaming charitable. 


Our vision is a gaming industry competing based on corporate social impact, where nonprofits operate on a level playing field with fair, transparent, responsible and accountable gaming.


US Charitable Gaming

Why Our Platforms?

Distribute GBC charitable game fundraising platforms to your nonprofits.


Licensing & Compliance

GLI™ Certified platforms for nonprofit online fundraising for qualified jurisdictional distribution.


Better Returns to Nonprofits

From the dollars to the sense- GBC platforms help operators exceed compliance while bringing more money to nonprofits than any other charitable game on the market.


Born Out of Service

GBC platforms evolved out of the efforts of nonprofit volunteers and support to veteran service organizations.

The Quintessential Application for Blockchain and US Charitable Gaming

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