Meet the Team

GBC’s executive team and advisors are long-established thought leaders, innovators, technologists, former regulators, certifiers, and experienced operators in the nonprofit, gaming and blockchain industries.

Tara Sue Clark

Co-Founder, President & CEO

With two decades devoted to veteran services organizations (VSOs) and a career in holding senior level positions in the digital technology space, Tara Sue Clark will lead GBC’s management team and oversee the deployment of the company’s online fundraising regulatory technology platform and products. In her service to veterans, Tara Sue learned every aspect of the charitable gaming market from volunteer ticket hawker, to consultant, administrator, technician, operator, licensed distributor and manufacturer of charitable games innovating with many nonprofits.

Her career in digital technology began when Tara Sue was invited to run for U.S. Congress, District 6, North Carolina during the 2002 election and became the first political candidate to use a Weblog and a Paypal account.  Provided a website by Userland Manila Sites, she was nominated for a Wired Rave Award. Her vision and technology integration capabilities were subsequently recognized by where she was recruited to serve as the start-up’s CEO, and led the company’s contract negotiations, supported programming and development to create the first (organizational) social network in 2003 and provided the program at no cost to thousands of nonprofits, specifically to veteran service organizations (VSOs) to adapt their membership to the modern communications age. Under her leadership the company was among the first to integrate blogging (Bloghoster) with instant messaging  (Shoutbox), monetized white label email (Outblaze) and provided video streaming for organizations (Magnify) on the company’s proprietary platform which served over 13000 sites over 15 years as a sponsored network. 

Tara Sue led production and directed the first live weblogging and video conferencing event between the front lines of Iraq and Blogger Con Nashville, launched Choices of Democracy, a platform which provided neutral and nonpartisan videos, online forums and debates to the VFW, NAACP, and others in support of voter education and recorded many first-ever Web videos for candidates.

Believing legal support is a key factor in assisting veterans and preventing suicide, homelessness and extended familial or community distress, Tara Sue created the Veterans Law Project as a keystone of her community service. She launched the first Veterans Law Project in North Carolina, serving as the organizer of the Veterans Foundation of North Carolina to the VFW Department and collaborated to produce congressional testimony regarding the need for legal representation for veterans before the VA and the creation of a veterans’ clinics (2007-2008).

Tara Sue is a co-founder and executive director to the Veterans Foundation of New Hampshire, Inc. (2011-Present), a 501(c)3 nonprofit established with officers of New Hampshire veterans service organizations, to support military families and emergency aid and relief to veterans and their community. In 2011 she organized the Foundation and its Veterans Law Project.  In 2014 she collaborated with local attorneys to establish Legal Boots on the Ground, the Veterans Law Project subsidiary of the Veterans Foundation of New Hampshire, Inc.  The only law project of its kind, veterans received pro bono services, represented by staff attorneys who were veterans, paralegals and staff who were military family members, and operated without public funding.   The project helped 1.5 New Hampshire veterans on average per day serving all over the world with a range of legal matters from civil, criminal to JAG from 2015-2019. 

In 2018, Tara Sue turned to charitable gaming to create a residual fundraising mechanism and  incorporated Tonk Group LLC, a charitable game distributor licensed by the New Hampshire Lottery, Racing and Charitable Gaming Division.  As CEO, Tara Sue led contract negotiations, technical field support, product management, marketing and day-to-day operations. The company distributed Diamond Games, (Pollard Banknote subsidiary), and Tonk’s own proprietary charitable gaming products.  

Tara Sue is a Nationally Certified Interscholastic Coach.  She contributes to the Government Blockchain Association nonprofit, launched its Gaming Work Group, is a member of Global Gaming Women and regularly commits time and resources to her VFW Auxiliary and the Seacoast Marine Corps League-making volunteerism elemental to GBC corporate structure.  Tara Sue is the owner and operator of Sumus Media, LLC which supports multimedia integrations and no-cost services to nonprofits, particularly veterans groups, their auxiliaries, and Marines.

A “military brat”, Tara Sue holds a Bachelors in Political Theory from Missouri State University in Springfield, an individualized honor degree she created to build a career addressing the protracted cost of war.  Tara Sue lives in her hometown of Smithville, Missouri with her teenage children.

Michael Mendyk

Co-Founder, Director

Michael is an accomplished professional with 20 years experience as a senior executive and consultant across all core operational, technical and business development functions in the software, gaming and regulated industries. From managing high profile software development projects to leading capital raising initiatives and structuring M&A exit events, Michael is equipped with a unique ability in synchronizing product direction with corporate growth strategy.

From 2013 through the present, Michael played a key role in effectively managing all regulatory aspects; corporate licensing, GLI technology certification, and market entry preparation activities for Jackpot Software, Genesis Gaming and ODDSworks within the US regulated online gaming industry. As CEO and founder of Maxpop Inc., advanced video compression and streaming technology company, Michael built and directed company wide effort and guided product development and licensing strategy, set roadmaps, defined and organized IP assets into a commercially licensable portfolio.

In his role as Chief Operating Officer, GBC will leverage Michael’s multi-layered understanding of the US gaming industry and wide ranging skill set in providing day-to-day operational support while positioning the company’s platform to capitalize on opportunities for commercial relationships with leading online sportsbook and casino operators.

Michael has a BA in Economics from the University of Nebraska. He also serves as managing partner of iGaming Consultants, a profession services firm to B2B and B2C gaming companies.

Jonathan Baha’i


 Jonathan is the founder of Peerplays Blockchain and President of the Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association. As prominent blockchain & crypto influencer and advocate for decentralization, Jonathan brings to bear decades of blockchain developmental experience. Founder of eXeBlock Technology Corporation, Mr. Baha’i is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the high-performance server hosting and telecommunications industry.

Beyond serving the industry as a thought leader, Jonathan launched Peerplays in 2016 taking it public with a $40 million market capitalization, raising $10 million in Bitcoin funding for its ongoing development.  Jonathan has evolved blockchain development building an open public blockchain experience that puts people first. Jonathan has become the foremost authority in provably fair blockchain gaming. Serving as the President of the Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association, the nonprofit is devoted to expansion of fair gaming and humanistic experiences on the Peerplays blockchain.

Jonathan brings a passion for empowering people’s freedom to create greater outcomes, giving them control over how they own and collaborate worldwide.

GBC is partnered with Peerplays to integrate immutable ledgering technology into the Gaming Benefits Corporation Regulatory Monitoring systems to ensure accountability.

Stephen Naylor

Advisor & Compliance Consultant

Stephen has been involved in the gaming industry for almost 15 years, providing him with extensive regulatory, technical, and operational knowledge of the industry. After graduating from Clemson University with a BS in Computer Science in 2006, he joined Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). During his tenure in both the GLI New Jersey and Netherlands offices, Stephen was involved in various domestic and international projects including providing guidance to hundreds of suppliers and operators through the GLI testing and certification process.

In 2018, Stephen joined GameAccount Network Ltd (GAN), a leading online gaming platform provider to US casino operators, holding the title of Senior Director of Client Services. In this role, he was responsible for the launch of new platforms for GAN’s top casino partners in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. He also oversaw day-to-day operations post-launch, including new product development and deployment, verification and resolution of issues on the production platform, and other compliance-related matters.

Stephen’s compliance background will prove invaluable in ensuring GBC delivers one of the most comprehensive certified raffle platforms for the US charitable gaming industry.

Vincent Lee Horton

Technology Consultant 

To solidify the executive team Vincent Lee Horton is prepared to join GBC as Director of Information Technology, bringing 25 years experience in system management, data center operations and emerging technology consulting where he held CTO and IT Director positions within publicly-traded and privately-held startup companies.

Most recently Lee led the global transformation of Hathlom to adopt big data, advanced analytics and high performance computing. As director of technology for Bridgepoint Power & Light, the largest pre-paid electricity provider in Texas, Lee led his team through the successful custom development, implementation and integration of the company’s billing and database management system with market participants. Prior to joining Bridgepoint, Lee served as chief technology officer for the Dallas-based venture capital firm, MAC Partners.

Lee’s main focus area is to ensure GBC has the most capable cloud-based infrastructure in support of scaling the company’s online charitable fundraising platform offering, with additional goals of positively shaping and improving platform application roadmaps, managing developer ecosystem for enhancing the performance and functionality of existing suite of technologies and securing the company’s source code and platform software assets.


Ali Ghanavati


Ali Ghanavati has over 30 years deep experience across many aspects of technological regulation in the gaming industry.

Ali began his career with the Technical Services Bureau of the State of New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement as chief engineer and deputy chief. During his 20 year tenure he consulted with numerous state agencies and gaming jurisdictions regarding casino gaming regulation and standards.

More recently Ali spent over a decade at Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), which provides the gaming industry’s leading testing and certification services. As Director of Client Services where he lead and guided over hundreds of operators and suppliers in successfully launching certified products in various gaming channels. Ali currently served as head of regulatory technology for Fubo Gaming, a subsidiary FuboTV a publicly traded tv streaming company where he is overseeing the implementation of an online sports betting platform.

Ali currently serves as Director of Regulatory Compliance for the risk management and research firm Odds on Compliance based in New Jersey.

In his role as an advisor, Ali will collaborate with management team on both tech standards as well as obtaining the requisite state regulatory approvals for launching GBC certified online fundraising platform in various states.

Mark Waser


To strengthen the management team, Mark Waser brings over 35 years in a distinguished career in software systems design and development, and artificial intelligence. His vast experience includes data architecture and system architecture for big data, machine learning, blockchain and collective intelligence systems.

Mark is currently CTO of the Government Blockchain Association (GBA), the largest blockchain association in the world where he is responsible for the development and maintenance of all technology solutions serving GBA members and leadership, including overseeing the deployment of the Government Business Blockchain Platform (GBBP).

Mark’s contributions to GBC blockchain strategy have been immeasurable. Mark will advise on smart contract creation, node deployment and platform integration -that provides for GBC’s regulatory compliant blockchain infrastructure.

Mark has an M.S.E. degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Pennsylvania, and has performed doctoral studies in Machine Learning and Human Decision Making at George Mason University. He frequently engages in public speaking engagements to form consortia and encourage the growth of a common decentralized ecosystem rather than today’s siloed systems.

Brenda T. Williams

Benefits Director

Gaming Benefits Corporation’s Benefits Director serves as a neutral, non-compensated party responsible for certifying the company’s Benefit Report which attests to the public impact of
the company’s activities. 

Brenda T. Williams is President of Bridge Builders Global, a philanthropic organization dedicated to recognizing ordinary people who have made extraordinary contributions to
society where human lives have been improved and enriched. She is also serving as Executive Vice President of B&C Associates, Inc in High Point, North Carolina, a full-service Public Relations firm founded by Robert J. Brown.

For over 50 years, Ms. Williams and Mr. Brown have collaborated in driving civil rights forward globally, using their political positions to advance social and economic opportunities for underserved individuals. Their efforts were foundational to corporate responsibility in a modern age. Brenda has chosen to serve GBC as its Benefits Director to attest to the company’s pursuits and mission-critical deliverance of integrity-based responsibility in the digital age.

Ms. Williams is owner of Change Agents, LLC which is a management consulting firm that provides a range of expert consulting services in both the public and private sector.
She was the Founder and CEO of YOUNG AMERICA WORKS PUBLIC CHARTER SCHOOL in Washington, D.C. which radically transformed education for underserved students who have been traditionally labeled as “at risk”. During the tenure of the public charter school, the school graduated students who went on to institutions of higher learning and some of whom are holding positions of rank within the current DC government.

Brenda has been a trailblazer for decades. She has served as a pioneering political professional. From 1969 to 1977, she served as Personal and Confidential Assistant to the Honorable Donald H. Rumsfeld who was Secretary of Defense, Chief of Staff to President Gerald R. Ford, Ambassador to NATO, Director of the Cost-of-Living Counsel, Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity, and Counselor to President Richard M. Nixon.

Earle Hall

Strategic Consultant

Earle Hall is an internationally recognized entrepreneur, visionary and innovator. He is a global leader with a long history in spurring growth and innovation in the gaming industry.

Since 2014, Earl presides over the AXES Network, a company that specializes in cloud-based information management technology for the casino industry, and is well-positioned to see how blockchain technology can be best leveraged to shape the future of both online and land-based gambling platforms.

Earle serves as the Chairman of the International Gaming Standards Association, an international trade association that creates benefits for gaming manufacturers, suppliers, operators and regulators. Since inception, the GSA has established nine committees which created 15 standards. Earl also chairs the Gaming Standards Association (GSA) of Canada Blockchain Committee, ushering the association into
the new era of blockchain technology in the gaming industry.

Earle will offer the management team his guidance where blockchain would be of interest to regulatory authorities as the potential for central monitoring systems and in areas where new standards could be developed.

Earle is a graduate of the Royal Military College and a Veteran Officer.

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